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— Dustin is an influencer and model from Berlin known for his creative as well as daring looks and photos. Being one of the first male influencers in Germany to live out his homosexuality through fashion in an unexpected way, he became a source of inspiration to a young generation who looks up to his free spirit and rebellious frame of mind. 


All in all, Dustin isn’t someone who can be put in a box easily. Dustin brings all kind of periods of time together in his artistic, one of a kind combinations of fashion and beauty while creating an alter ego. Shifting into an art figure, with a clear message that humans should never be defined by looks or gender, he wants to take away the fear of taking a risk.


Dustin’s aesthetic always feels intimate and nostalgic  - he wants to make you feel and experience an explosion of the senses translated into a visual crescendo. With a touch of an underdog narrative he illustrates the essence of realness and captivates people into a raw and authentic world. 

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